Top 5 Best Web Analytics Tools | Google Analytics - PIWIK Alternative

When trade began centuries ago, people depended largely on offline marketing capabilities to influence its Audience. They basically relied on "Word of Mouth", Offline publishing of advertisements, greet programs arranged at group gatherings or Online markets etc., However the World today has altered inadvertently.
There are so many On-Premise Analytics solutions around in the online market. it becomes quite difficult for any e-commerce business to choose from them.While Google analytics stands out as a number one analytics product in the market its ubiquity, difficulty and its one size fits all kind of data delivery has compelled its users to look for alternatives.

We would like to present before you the Top 5 Enterprise level Alternatives to Google Analytics which help the business owners to easily and securely track their businesses.

MixPanel is a real-time web analytics solution that measures user engagement. Its base lies in the conversion funnel design. It has the ability to construct and examine funnels actively to ensure they adjust to the incoming data. This helps in presenting the information in a live and is well refined manner.

  • MixPanel has been designed to present real-time web analytics to its customers.
  • Its segmentation process gives you more information about your customers
  • Track the product retention, to understand your customers by graphing their subsequent visits after their initial visit.
FoxMetrics has been designed to track events and trigger a subsequent event that engages customer or leads to goal conversion. For Eg., if a visitor data shows that he has been engaged on your website for quite sometime and has visited many links on your website, FoxMetrics intelligently lets you to trigger and event for the customer to sign up or subscribe for newsletter.

  • Lets you to track newsletters, software installations and beyond.
  • Lets you to track ad campaigns and measure conversions.
  • API based solutions and easily integratable
Customer Engage Pro:
CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool has been applauded for its robust design and Enterprise web analytics solutions it provides. It boasts itself to be a secure analytics solution that follows European Security Norms for Data Security and Privacy. Data Encryption and respecting user privacy stand among the pillars of Customer Engage Pro. It does not limit itself to desktops, laptops and personal computers but has been designed to extend its solutions to Enterprise web Analytics and Mobile App Analytics.
On-Premise web analytics -CustomerEngagePro Analytics
Enterprise web analytics - CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool

  • Easy to use by appending a simple JS tracking code on your website.
  • Real-time web Analytics Solution making way for data driven decision making.
  • Mobile App Analytics
  • Magento and Wordpress Plugins for easy E-commerce integration
  • Goal setup and tracking conversions
  • Enterprise-wide software installation and usage tracking
  • Customizable analytics solution based on Business Needs.
Clicky has been described as an easy to use Web Analytics solution that provides advanced analytical data. It's link report gives you the details of referral website and you know where your visitors and coming from. Its actions metrics gives you information about the video sessions, clicks and downloads from your website.

  • Simple and Easy to use by the customers
  • Wordpress Plugin available for its users
  • Keywords information that led a user to your website.
Kissmetrics is another growing Data Driven Analytics Solutions available in the market. It claims to give you the visitor statistics even after he has purchased a product from your website.

  • Gives live data, so you are up to date on the customer trends as they are happening on your website.
  • It has been designed to give its users the conversion metrics and track goal conversions, all at real-time!
  • Ideal for Small and Medium Businesses with online presence.
Which Analytics Solution would be Ideal for you?
With so many options available, it would be difficult for anyone to narrow down on a particular Private Web Analytics Solution. It indeed is a difficult choice to make! However, i would suggest you to go with a solution that aptly suits your business use case. The objective of any business owner would be to protect user data and maximize revenue with web analytics.

Powerful Enterprise Analytics for ecommerce Customers: CustomerEngagePro Analytics

CustomerEngagePro Anlytics software is commonly understood as Complex Event Processing, a method to track collected information through various sources to understand and analyze the underlying patterns to comprehend with certain corporate circumstances. In a business domain, customers hold the prime importance. With the passage of time, the theory of customer relationship with the firm is gaining immense attention to improve the ways in which the customers can be satisfied. There is an entire process of customer interaction with the company, the customer lifecycle, which has a great significance to uplift the business. By using CustomerEngagePro analytics tool, it is easier to manage and optimize the entire customer lifecycle.

Customer Lifecycle
It is crystal clear in the recent times that marketers can only survive in their business, if they deeply analyze their customers and handle the complete customer lifecycle in order to progress well with the customers. Customer lifecycle is commonly defined as a process through which the customers pass by engaging himself in a relationship with the company. Using CustomerEngagePro Anlytics software to manage and optimize customer lifecycle helps in underlining and highlighting the chances to enhance customer’s long relationship value with the company. Keeping the right track of the lifecycle, customers are better understood, acquired, and engaged in the lifetime business with the firm.

data driven decision making - CustomerEngagePro Anlytics software

  • Discover

Before you delve in more details, it is important to discover the clients first. Generally, a start with the existing clients is a better idea, as you can implement some web analytic techniques to discover and maintain an understanding of the clients. Look for the customer's profile, assess their vision, and attain the right viewpoint of the client by using data driven decision making - CustomerEngagePro Anlytics. CustomerEngagePro analytics tool gives you a detailed idea as to what the visitor or customer is actually looking for and what was their Journey on your website.

  • Explore

Customers usually explore brands with competitive options. The application of CustomerEngagePro Anlytics Tool in exploring your client can let you know what your customers want, double check with the customer response, and market according to their needs. By self hosted web analytics and enterprise analytics, it becomes feasible to explore customer response to strengthen the marketing position. Analytics need to be very vigilant in applying marketing mix models and testing methodologies to check out customer preferences.

  • Buy

When you understand the background knowledge of your client and explore their needs of a product, it is easier to analyze when they will make a purchase. With the help of 
data-driven decision making process can amplify the chances of business expansion. Provide your clients with suitable offers on the brands they target. Re-engage your customers with seasonal discounts, new arrivals etc., Apply cross selling strategies by referring their past purchases and re-target your audience. 

Enterprise Analytic - CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool

  • Use

After the product is being purchased, analytics now need to apply the goal event tracking web analytics tools to have deeper insight of the product and client usage. It will help to shorten the gap in client’s expectation and product competency. This builds trust in your customers and increases loyal customer base in the market.

  • Ask

By now, the client has well understood the company and is in a good state to maintain the friendliness in corporate customer relationship. He might be in the need of asking for more of the company’s services or products. If you want to turn the client into a permanent one or make him a returning customer, on premise web analytics does this best. It will allow the company to know how well they have actually satisfied their customer with their service and product. This helps in building a brand for the company thereby gaining goodwill among the competitors.

  • Engage

Engaging the business with the data-driven decision making process is very important. At this stage, when the company knows client’s response on the product or service, it becomes simpler to manage any defects in the service. It also allows capitalizing on the customer value and enhances customer relationships.

The application of CustomerEngagePro analytics tool to manage and optimize the entire customer lifecycle is a process that cannot be fully achieved without the implementation of data driven decision making tools. When you engage your business with the customer lifecycle, it expands and flourishes to the max.

How to maximize profits by Powerful web analysis Tool : CustomerEngagePro Analytics software

In any business, interpreting the consumer data and tracking statistics can be said to be one of the most pivotal reasons why the business will fail or succeed. All businesses (no matter how small or big they are) regularly take diligent expenses, upcoming orders, stock, tracking sales, spreadsheets and much more, so that they can analyze what is the current position of their business or where it is going and what changes they might need to implement. But, have you ever wondered why should an online business care about tracking these insights?
Enterprise web Analytics - CustomerEngagePro Anlytics tool

CustomerEngagePro Analytical tool track conversions and know the traffic source:

To make your marketing campaigns more effective, you need to know how many visitors are converting to become customers and from there they are coming. By using the Enterprise analytics of CustomerEngagePro Analytics software you can easily track the number of visitors arriving at your site and you can also evaluate the conversion ratio of these visitors.

Fix Problems with your site before it’s too late:

According to a recent marketing survey, less than 1% of visitors will bother to inform you about a problem or issue they are facing using your website. It means that, rest of the customers will easily switch to select your competitor. CustomerEngagePro Analytics software will be your Customer experience analytics solution. It will enable you to improve the satisfaction of customers before it’s too late.

Know your visitor behavior:

When a visitor triggers your website, he can perform a number of activities. He can visit different pages, explore your entire site, make a purchase, or simply exit without doing anything. For a website owner, this information can be really important. The CustomerEngagePro web analytics tool allows you to track visitor’s behaviors. It lets you know which pages are performing well and which pages need improvement. This real time insight also helps you to diminish your bounce rate, improve your content and increase your conversion rate. 
Enterprise Analytics - CustomerEngagePro Anlytics software

Helps in Keyword optimization:
Keywords are important for each online business, blogs or website as they can drive web traffic, boost sales and increase conversion rate. Some keywords are based on single expression or word while some are long tail keywords. With the help of CustomerEngagePro analytics tool Lead generation analytics, you can easily determine which keywords are mostly used by visitors that lead them to your site. With this information, you can focus on targeting those keywords and drive more profits.

Maximize revenue with web analytics CustomerEngagePro analytics tool:

When it comes to profit maximization, no one can overlook the importance of web analytics tools. Whether you need to increase your sale or want to drive a huge traffic on your website all you need the right use of Enterprise web analytics tools and software. An effective use of Web analytics solutions can be beneficial for your website and also helpful in driving more sales and profits. It's an easy way to increase your ROI and get more business.
If you are not using web analytics software then you’re running a blind business – not knowing whether you are going away from your goals or getting closer. Whether you own a blog or a large e-commerce store data driven analytics is important for each online business. It is a powerful tool that helps you to get rich insights, make informed decisions and increase your overall ROI.

on-premise | Private web Analytics - Data Driven Decision Making

data-driven decision making Process gives you a foolproof evidence of how your business moves ahead. It encourages you to trust the data more than on relying on emotions and gut  feeling about your goal tracking or conversions. With CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool, data attributes are interpreted to give an insightful view of your visitor or customer journey.
Let’s go through with an example for private analytics before entering into the technicalities. Today’s Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Infibeam it has been a long way for the market, businesses and customers in the e-commerce journey. Today e-commerce has expanded to  B2B, B2C and C2C channels, leaving no stone unturned.
Data driven decision making - CustomerEngagePro Analytics software
In the age of E-commerce the store owner doesn’t know who visited the online store and for what. Yes, we have lot of Customer analytics, statistics tools, which tell the owner that 1000 visitors visited his website. But do you think a store owner can do anything with this information? If the owner can know the intention behind their visits, he can make atleast 2% conversion in his business.
Today is an era of Digital Marketing and engagement. Popular e-commerce stores, today maintain a team of Customer Engagement Representatives, who attend to customer’s needs and help. It has been identified that a popular e-commerce websites have a conversion rate of 2%-5% ideally. So what about the 95%-98% of the people who visited the website and left? How to tap that Market? It is a challenge for all the e-commerce businesses.
With CustomerEngagePro's Private Analytics Feature we are trying to solve this challenge by building a new engine that will focus on understanding the behavior of that intuitive segment of visitors. We capture the IP address, e-mail address (entered on a form) and the path traveled by customer on the website. Please wait while we bring more interesting features and insights  with our Product!!! 
Enterprise web Analytics - CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool
Enterprise web Analytics solutions that can be privately hosted on Intranet network, shall warrant employees on the software usage and eases decision making on license purchases, cancellation and usage optimization. CustomerEngagePro analytics software as a Data driven decision making tool has glorified many small businesses, contributes to risk management and maximize profits.

CustomerEngagePro Analytics software: web Analytics Platform Enable Customers Entire Lifecycle on your website

Web presence for any business has become a necessity in the connected world. With Internet/Information Technology expanding to every possible domain has brought a huge difference in how trade and store transactions are conducted. Web presence and Mobile App presence has been gaining traction in recent times.  In the wake of such a huge  Internet explosion, Advanced Web Analytics and Mobile App Analytics play a leading role in sustaining an online business. 10 crucial ways how CustomerEngagePro's Web Analytics Solutions can help you in keeping your online business on the Growth Track:

Carefully target your website and mobile app visitors:

Understanding your visitors is the key. Where did your visitor land from? What is your visitor looking for? Which geographic area does the visitor belong to? This information shall lead you to designing an appropriate plan to enable the conversion. customerengagepro gives you the geographic location of the user, their entry and exit page data, Enterprise web analytics data etc., CustomerEngagePro analytical tool assures you of 100% data ownership. You see the data that you own. Self hosted web and mobile analytics capability from CustomerEngagePro analytics software gives you complete data protection, security and privacy.

Enterprise web analytics - CustomerEngagePro Analytics software
Design the Content and User Experience:
Another factor for long term online business existence is relevant content and simpler design. While the attention span of a user is reducing day by day, engaging a visitor has become a challenging task. Having a customer engaged to your website, increases the chance of conversion and sustainability. Customer Engage Pro has been designed to give you a one-on-one visitor report. You will know the journey of each website visitor and shall help you to optimize the entire customer lifecycle on your website.

Mobile App Analytics:

While web app analytics has been in focus for quite sometime, the Mobile App analytics have gained prominence in the wake of Mobile Commerce explosion. Recent stats show that there was a three-fold increase in Mobile retail commerce revenue between 2013 and 2016 in the United States alone. One can imagine the rate of growth when considered for the world. Mobile App analytics gives additional data on customer engagement, customer geolocation etc., 
CustomerEngagePro Analytics gives you a comprehensive report on the Mobile App Analytics.

Integration Points:

Worried on how to track your websites that are built on multiple technologies or open source tools? CustomerEngagePro analytics tool offers a complete worry-free solution. Its Plugins developed exclusively for Magento, WordPress and many more, help you to easily plugin with CustomerEngagePro analytics tool and start owning your visitor data.

Privacy, Transparency and  Building Trust

Visitors trust the websites which upheld data protection and privacy. CustomerEngagePro Analytics has been carefully designed to abide by the Data Protection Act hailed by European Countries. customerengagepro believes in 100% data protection and privacy. Through CustomerEngagePro analytics tool let your visitors know what data is collected, where the collected data could be used and also respect the “Do Not Track” preference of the visitor.

Enterprise web analytics - CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool
Data Analytics Driven Decision Making:
CustomerEngagePro Analytics software is devised to present you with insightful data which enables a business owner to make key business decisions. These insights let an online business to strategize, focus on a particular area of business, identify the data, and work out on the costs and efforts to reach the business targets. Thus engaging the business with data driven decision making process. CustomerEngagePro's Advanced web Analytics helps in unearthing deeper insights, predicting an engaged visitor’s  behaviour or indicate recommendations to improve user experience.

Anticipate User behaviour:

Anticipating a visitor is quite a herculean task but not impossible. With the user’s entry, journey and exit pages data that customerengagepro provides, it is possible to draw a user pattern and understand what a visitor is looking for. Predictive Analytics in ecommerce domain plays a major role in targeting the right visitors, re-engage them and enable conversions. customerengagepro’s advanced web analytics gives deeper insights to visitor journey and makes predictive analytics closer to reality. For any business consistent growth is the key to success. As mentioned above, Strategic planning, productive marketing campaigns, effective implementation, constant goals tracking can improve conversions and put your business on growth track!